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SkunkLabs Software is a New Zealand based company specializing in the development of multimedia authoring and playback applications.  Established in 1999, we have been actively participating in the release of technologies to support the growing evolution of computer graphics and multi-media. SkunkLabs Logo

LiquidMedia 3.0024th July 2012

We have been working very hard on our latest version of LiquidMedia - version 3.00.

We have released Alpha5 of LiquidMedia3. This should be the last of the Alphas - the next release will be a public beta. Please visit the Download page to download - we also have a selection of Examples in the example section.

For now, version 2.5 is still on sale, and can be downloaded from the LiquidMedia section of this site. Note that all purchases of LiquidMedia from this time on include a free update to version 3.
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LiquidPoint 1.0012th Jan 2012

LiquidPoint is a PowerPointâ„¢ player that adds Stereoscopic 3D display, 3D model support, and much much more to existing PowerPointâ„¢ Slideshows and Presentations. Create and edit your show in PowerPoint, display with LiquidPoint.

Our third public Beta of LiquidPoint has now been released, you can download and trial LiquidPoint for 20 days for free. (Click Here for more)
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LiquidCast 1.2012th Oct 2007

In 2004 SkunkLabs Software entered the NarrowCasting arena with our product Liquid Cast.

LiquidCast is a program to control multiple playback machines, handling the execution, updating, syncronizing and statistical playback of machines that are connected together, whether by internal networks, intranets, the internet, modem or a mixture of them all. LiquidCast can manage and control large amounts of machines at one time (tens of thousands of simultaneous connections). (Click Here for more)
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We have now released Alpha 5 of LiquidMedia 3.0. This is the last Alpha, (More.)
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Latest Releases
ProductVerRelease Date
LiquidMedia3.00a524 Jul 2012
LiquidMedia2.5329 Mar 2008
LiquidPlayer3.0024 Jul 2012
LiquidPoint1.00b112 Jan 2012
LiquidCast1.2012 Oct 2007
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