Top 3 Social Media Influencer Marketing Strategies

Most people might not be aware of this fact but there are quite a few individuals who have the ability to influence the buying and spending habits of other consumers. These individuals are known as media influencers and they everywhere. Most media influencers can be seen on television in the form of famous stars, entertainers and athletes. They can also be found within organizations, businesses, family units and online.

Social media is now a current form of business communications and a marketing tool that is here to stay. Businesses use social media for selling products, keeping in touch with customers and studying consumer buying habits. Social media also has many hidden benefits which includes social media influencers. These are the people on a social media site that can get other members to buy products, to follow after other users and to act in a specific manner. Here are the top 3 social media influencer marketing strategies that businesses can use to find these people.

  1. Identify Potential Influencers

Businesses have to find influencers before they can use their help to sell products. An organization will have to search for someone who is relevant to their product or service. They will also need to have the ability to promote a product or service to other profile users on a social media site.

The best way to identify social media users for a particular category is by searching for people or sites that have a large following, expertise, persuasiveness and a proven track record for getting results. If a business thinks they can find a person that meets these qualifications they can contact them and make a legitimate offer to promote and sell their products or services.


There are four basic types of social media influencers and they include teachers, coaches, entertainers and individuals with charismatic personalities. A business should use a company to measure a influencer. Companies can use analyzing tools to figure out who these people are. Businesses can also type in keywords and search for influencers on their own. Once they have been discovered a business can approach them with an offer. Businesses should offer a media influencer a decent fee for their service.

  1. Use a Influencer Platform or Program

An influencer platform or program is designed to find people who are social media influencers based off of specific criteria. Businesses can sign up for this service and then use it to the find the people or organizations that are media influencers. Influencer platforms and programs typically have tools that can figure out information on technical site crawls, analyze content, count social shares and backlinks, track ranking and evaluate value and multi-channel analytics data.

  1. Keep a Good Relationship with a Media Influencer

Once a business finds a social media influencer they should keep a good relationship with them. They can do this by staying connected to their network, sending them direct messages and emails and by connecting links to their site. A business should also be upfront about why they are interacting with a particular media influencer so they will have an understanding about the nature of their relationship. Social media influencers are now becoming a very important way for businesses to reach out to consumers. Businesses should not overlook their usefulness because they have the potential to bring in a new customer base and to increase sales.

Best Time to use 4k Monitor in Government Video production is Now!

4k (aka Ultra HD) is yet to become a mainstream video format, however, several 4k monitors are already proving their worth in video production in various government facilities. Indeed, NASA is using 4k monitors as part of its growing video production chain.

Since the 2003 Columbia accident, NASA is trying to explore the high-resolution video formats as an affordable substitute for film. Today, NASA relies on Red digital cameras to shoot historical and ancient footage in both 4k and 6k to capture the highest detail possible. The space agency also sent a Red Dragon camera to International Space Station for the same reason. (Earlier use large IMAX cameras in orbit ceased once the Space Shuttle retired.)

Rodney Grubbs, program manager of the NASA Imagery Experts Program at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Ala said that until recently, they rarely have to view all of this imagery in 4k because of the cost of 4k monitors and their challenging play-out workflows.

However, reductions in 4k monitor prices and workflow changes made it possible for MSFC people to view 4k video in its endemic resolution, instead of down converting it to normal HD. This is why MSFC now has a 65-inch Sony XBR-65X900B consumer grade 4k monitor (priced $3,800 online), and a 32-inch Sharp PN-K321 professional grade 4k monitor ($3,000) installed in their lab.


MSFC purchased the 32-inch monitor from Apple and connected to the Mac Pro system they put together, Grubbs noted.

Having a 4k monitor delivered a number of benefits to NASA.

Grubbs said they have shot 4k for many years, but never got to see in its indigenous 4k. Seeing the indigenous 4k gives the shooters affirmation of good focus and exposure. He also added that if a producer or editor is considering capturing a part of the 4k video for HD use, such as 720p or 1080p piece from the larger full framing of the 4k video, it can help and aids the engineers in making very close inspections of events in the video.

Since 2010, NASA is using Red One 4k camera at the Kennedy Space Center. The launch of STS – 131 on April 5, 2010 (using the Space Shuttle Discovery) recorded in 3D. It used five pairs of Red One cameras arranged for stereoscopic shooting around the launch pad.

For NASA, it only makes sense to use to 4k monitors given the comprehensive use of 4k video; both in increasing the detail of its film for current study and to-future proof its film for years to come. Here is an excellent list of the most popular and best rated 4k monitors available on the market!

Hence, there is room for 4k monitors in today’s HD-dominated video production facilities and now that monitor prices have come down, it is an ideal time to buy such a monitor and start exploring.




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